William’s suggestions and expertise were invaluable in helping me complete my first book series and become a bonafied author. He kept me informed through a process that included revisions, editing, titles, cover designs and all the other aspects of publication which he handled as a contractor for BYCT Publishing through his company Alt.Publish. He was always prompt in returning emails and answering questions, professional in his suggestions and comments, and he did what he said he would do. My experience with him was highly positive and energizing, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jan Hill

Jan Hill

Author, The Brylee Hawkins Saga website

If you are looking for a NO COST | NO RISK way to get published and are tired of the Vanity Press scams, the television advertised publishers that ALWAYS have a catch, either in fees, external services you must buy, or purchase copies you must make, you really need to check out Alt. Publish.

Alt. Publish is my company and authors incur NO COST | NO RISK through the entire process. The company ONLY makes money when your book sells, so we have incentive to market your book. And we royalty share with you, so you truly have no out of pocket costs.

We also work with other publishers developing aspects of their books for publication. If you are a publisher, ask about our fees for services.

[WARNING: Alt. Publish does not accept every book. In fact, we are picky about what will get published. We will, however, help you to refine your work, be honest with you as to the quality of your work, and, if we believe you are a superstar, will even recommend that you go straight to mainstream publishers.]