Jan. 18, 2017

Greetings and thanks for stopping by, The Alt. Publish New Year Writing Contest is well underway and should be an exciting finale on Feb. 10. If you have not entered, head over to for details.

Jan.1, 2017

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Happy New Year, everyone. I hope it will be a good one. Lots happening. First, if you like WRITING CONTESTS, hop over to my company Alt. Publish where the first, NEW YEAR WRITING CONTEST has just started. Deadline is Feb. 10, 2017 and there are cash prizes and publication.

In other news…

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Also, my anthology of short stories titled: The Unfinished Man and other stories is due out in print and digital formats Feb.1, 2017. I decided it needed a more appropriate cover, especially since the title story deals with an aspect of superheroes that you will find interesting and amusing.

If you would like to learn more or get on my mailing list, or even pre-order with a discount, email me and you will get taken care of.

Dec. 26, 2016

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  2017 is rapidly approaching and I have lots going on.  If you are a writer, let’s touch bases. You can find me on Twitter @misterwriter.  


Dec. 7, 2016:

Is There Anything Older Than The Rolling Stones? Is my tongue-in-cheek look at the career of this eternal rock group through the milestones of society. You can read the article HERE and also published in The Diablo Gazette. Let me know what you think.

Damaged Goods, my future set drama, is proceeding on track. In a time when aging is replaced with transference, replacing your entire body yet keeping your thoughts and memories, Harold Stanton becomes the target of the mob boss from whom he has stolen the money needed, and now must escape the country before he is caught and killed.  Expected publication date: Feb.1 , 2017.

The Unfinished Man and other stories, my collection of short stories is expected to be released the first week of January 2017.

The ten stories include a wide range of thought-provoking topics.

There is much more in the works. 2017 should be a good writing year. If you’d like to be on my mailing list, fill out the form below and I’ll keep you posted. Also let me know if you are interested in Beta Reading stories before release.

If you are a writer seeking publication with NO COST and NO RISK, check out the publishing arm of my business, Alt. Publish | Alternative Publishing Services, one of the few scam-free, no hidden cost services out there.

As always, feel free to ask me anything. I am happy to chat with you.






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