There’s no such thing as a free life or an easy death….

Chapter One

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”  ~ Lao Tzu, 6 B.C

Heat. Harold Cranston remembered the heat. He had been lying on the table awaiting the procedure, drugged up but not unconscious. The heat hit him first, tearing at his skin as though it needed to be excised from him. Wu had told him he would feel something uncomfortable, but his words paled to the experience.

damaged-goodsRelax and try to endure,” Wu had said, fiddling the dials nervously, as though they might be interrupted.  That would be the least of Harold’s problems.

It’s burning,” he said, feebly.  Jesus, at ninety-two there wasn’t much he could do anymore. The last decade had been spent on a variety of drug cocktails, mind-numbing pain medication, anti-nausea pills to fight the cancer therapy.  He had watched himself shrivel up, finally winding up with the ability to function clearly for less than an hour each day, and even that only with the help of the benzodiazepines he frequently abused.

The heat increased. He was certain he could smell the skin burning off his body.  The air permeated with the sound of electricity coupled with that malodorous thought, and even though he tried moving, something Wu had told him not to do, he found he was unable to even twitch. Continue reading DAMAGED GOODS